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" A Premium Company Offering Superior Craftsmanship "


Welcome to Impressions Painting & Decorating...

We are a complete painting company that is 100% locally owned and operated serving Lower Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands with twenty-five years of experience.

Many people consider painting a “do-it-yourselfer” project. However, painting takes time, skill, and attention to detail as well as product knowledge and professional tools to get a professional finish.

We use only premium paint products and the best equipment to bring a professional looking finish to your project. Walls and ceilings can be pretty boring subjects! We’d like to inspire and excite you through effective communication and years of professional service, we feel we can do this quite effectively.

Perfect paint jobs require perfect preparation. A flawless and smooth painting surface may require cleaning, filling of holes, sanding and a primer. Every square inch is analyzed and prepared accordingly. This attention brings forth amazing and aesthetically pleasing painting work. Complex and luxurious projects require this attention to detail and we apply this approach to all of our work to continuously deliver amazing results!

Every home has a project and every project has a budget. We value the importance of consultations with you at your convenience and without pressure. Our estimates are written in a clear and concise manner and allow you to consider the priorities with respect to your budgetary guidelines. We break down all project ideas and costs for peace of mind. There are no “hidden” costs that you would be surprised with by at the end of the project. If hired, during the process, we will continually consult and communicate with you regarding any necessary changes. Our intention, of course...

“Friendly, informative solutions from start to a perfect finish.”

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We realize that it’s a big decision to choose whom you let into your home to work on a project. Unfortunately, painters are not regulated. We understand and sympathize with the dilemma that this presents to the average person looking for someone whom they can trust.

Our company is WCB compliant (#910799), fully insured (Discovery Insurance, Victoria, BC), licensed (#1265) and registered with the province (81752-4333-BC001).

We hire professional, experienced, skilled painters, who not only focus on getting the job done promptly, but are respectful and courteous. Keeping an organized and tidy job site with minimal interruption to your daily life, is very important to us. Your home or business will be completely protected with the use of drop sheets and poly on the floors and furniture. We do not permit smoking near your home, loud radios and foul language is not tolerated. You can further scrutinize our finished work by looking through our gallery (see the album titled ‘Details’) and also by reading our testimonials from the Home Page under the ‘Testimonials’ button.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We don’t just want to be hired for the project but we want you to become our clients for life! The only way to achieve this, is to come through with our promises stated here and more. We strive to complete the project in a manner that is above and beyond your expectations and on schedule.

“Above and beyond your expectations!”